Bysshe fabrics are woven in Lancashire on Jacquard looms and finished in Yorkshire. They are woven with hemp and linen across cotton warp yarns. 

Weft Yarn

Our hemp weft yarn comes from Cornwall and Romania. The Cornish yarn was made from hemp grown in France by an international group of hemp activists and enthusiasts who are pioneers in the legal industrial hemp movement. For more refined fabrics we use hemp yarns from Romania, where hemp is part of their agricultural tradition and low impact farming techniques. Our certified Masters of Linen weft yarn comes from Belgium where flax has been cultivated for hundreds of years.

Warp Yarn

For the warp yarns we use certified organic cotton from within the EU as we believe it is important to protect the environment, reduce agricultural dependency on the petrochemical industry and ensure the yarns have proof of origin.


Our hemp and cotton blends naturally crease, softening over time. Natural fibres may give colour variations between batches and give the fabric a flecked effect throughout with slub and knot. These characteristics do not affect the durability.


For swatches, bespoke orders or trade enquiries please contact us. Discount on orders over 10m.