Independent Company

Bysshe Partnership is an independent company producing high quality fabrics in the traditional textile heartland of the British Isles. We use natural and organic fibres, sourcing yarns from the UK and Europe, to provide a regional network of production where it is possible to oversee the entire process from seed to final creation.

Bysshe Partnership Yorkshire

British Mills

Here at Bysshe, we work with some of the last remaining textile mills in the UK. Most of our weaving takes place in Lancashire, before the rolls travel a short distance over the hill to be finished in Yorkshire. 

Bysshe Partnership Textile Heartland




Sustainability and regional autonomy are crucial to the way we work, ensuring we offer a fabric range that protects the environment and supports non-exploitative textile production. Our partners have persevered through the challenging years of the British manufacturing decline to become leaders in their field today, competing successfully with the international competition. Together we aim to present a counter narrative to the current global textile industry. 

Bysshe Partnership North England


Our collection offers designers, craft makers and enthusiasts an ethical alternative. We ensure the highest quality at the lowest environmental cost, developing fabrics for a sustainable future.

Bysshe Partnership Textile Mill
Bysshe Partnership Jacquard loom